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Feeding bowls (video)


  • High capacity up to 600 parts/min
  • Universal design for large part spectrum
  • Including frame and sound insulation hood

Special feeding possible

  • Centrifugal conveyor
  • Step conveyor
  • etc.

  • High bunker with 20, 40, 60 or 80 liters
  • Bunker on floor rack with 80, 140 or 280 liters

  • Z-conveyor with start-up and run-out section to protect parts

  • Packing in 2 IO boxes alternately

  • Removal belts for IO parts for protection
  • Double track belt design possible, with buffer during box changeover

  • Different sizes available
  • With and without cover

  • Customized design
  • Monitoring sensors possible

  • Reduction of drop heights when filling boxes or cartons to protect parts

Product information (PDF):

Data sheet


  • Automatic positioning of cameras or part centering when changing types

  • Automatic adjustment of the blow-out pressure when changing types

  • Antistatic system with connection for industrial vacuum cleaner