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Sorting machine stepped, with gripper
shell unwinding with 30 parts/min
thread control


Product information (PDF)

Product video

  • Output up to 30 parts/min
  • Up to 8 cameras in 4 inspection positions
  • Additional sensors can be integrated
  • Dimensional and attributive features
  • Tolerances up to ±0.01mm

Standing parts or lying parts depending on the version

  • Standing parts, execution by means of rotary module with internal grip
    • up to height 50mm, diameter 60mm
    • aspect ratio (height/diameter) up to 2,5 possible
    • inner diameter >5mm
  • Lying parts, execution by means of rotary module with double roller
    • up to length 80mm, diameter 40mm
  • pneumatic
  • Camera from the side
  • Camera from above
  • Telecentric beam path for accurate measurement
  • Attributive inspection of surface, plane surface with 2D and 3D methods
  • from above and/or below
  • Presence of internal thread, knurl, etc.
  • from above and/or below


  • 1 or 2 line scan camera(s) from the side
  • Surface, shell surface or external thread


  • Sensor for hardness test
  • Sensor for drill hole depth
  • sensor for inner drill hole diameter
  • tactile sensors