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The flexible solutions for your production.

Robot cells
Robot cells combine complex handling and industrial image processing in a compact housing. Together with robot manufacturers, Visicontrol delivers turnkey solutions directly to your production.

Spot inspection station
If your production does not require a mandatory 100% inspection, a fully configured manual inspection station can inspect random samples with manual feeding and removal of components. An automated test report on the component and the quality is just as important as an automatic sorting by a drop rail.
The classic area of application here is incoming or outgoing goods.

Rework inspection station for rejected high-quality products
If your production facility manufactures high-quality products, it is often worth taking a second look to see whether the rejected parts may only contain easily removable contamination or chips.
The parts that can be categorized in this way end up, for example, at the upstream inspection system in a specially designated container from where employees can take a second look at the parts, perform the necessary rework and send the part through the inspection process again. These rework steps are fully traceable and can be documented in the inspection report if desired.

Manual inspection station

If the manufactured quantity or the requirements of the inspection task cannot be satisfactorily mapped with our standard solutions, we also offer our customers stand-alone inspection devices or manual inspection stations. These allow large or complex components to be inspected with manual support. The direct feedback can be output as an automated test report at the manual test station.
For high value products, a manual inspection station can be used as a reinspection station in order to make a human-visual evaluation of the components in case of ambiguous defects.
To eliminate visual workload for the operator, rework stations are equipped with infrared sensors and illumination.

Manual inspection station for components with large dimensions

Manual inspection station for components with additional handling requirements
Components with special handling requirements due to their properties (e.g. crack detection for rubber or silicone parts) can be reliably inspected for various attributes and dimensionality in a manual inspection station.