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Introduction of the 70 series

MVS-70 image processing system
LC-70 light control unit


Surface inspection with up to 300 parts/minute

Light and convenience

LC-60 light control unit
visiSort with ACO (auto change over) and APC (auto pressure control)



with visiTeach+ (embedded Windows 8.1, 64Bit)


First visiSort-G shipped


with PC-based architecture and visiTeach+



Presentation of the MVS-40cl image processing system
with Camera Link interface


Join Baumer

Market introduction Megapixel CMOS camera hrc-1.3
MVS-40net with network connection
Member of the Swiss Baumer Group


Top 100

First visiSort-B is delivered.

Inclusion in the circle "Top 100 - The Innovative Medium-Sized Businesses - Germany 2001".

40er Serie

Market launch of the MVS-40 image processing system with
PS-40 (power supply) and LC-40 (light control unit)



Presentation of the DSP multiprocessor system MVS-30/35
Parallel processing of camera images
Software controlled IR LED illumination


MVS-20, visiTeach

Image processing system without VMEbus
Product family MVS-20
IR LED illumination visiLum
User-friendly software visiTeach and
sorting machines visiSort



Specialization in machine vision and company name visicontrol Gesellschaft für elektronische Bildverarbeitung mbH. Development of the first DSP-based image processing system based on VMEbus.