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Sorting machine with prismatic rails and adjustable tilt.

Flexible machine for large parts spectrum.

Product information (PDF)


Product video

  • Output up to 250 parts per minute
  • Up to 5 cameras, or 7 with interchangeable system, in 3 inspection positions
  • Dimensional and attributive features
  • Tolerances up to ±0.02mm
  • Cylindrical, elongated parts with rails in V-position up to length 80mm, diameter 40mm
  • Disc-shaped, short parts with rails in L-position up to diameter 40mm, height 20mm
  • from 25° to 40° to compensate for different slipping behavior of different parts
  • Return of parts that are too dense or incorrectly positioned into the feed pot
  • Discharge of foreign parts into a box
  • electromechanical
  • Telecentric beam path for accurate measurement from above and from the side
  • Second camera possible on interchangeable slides for different part sizes
  • Internal thread
  • Second camera for both part ends is possible
  • Longitudinal hole check
  • Head check