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Machine vision meets robotics

an exciting insight into new functionalities and enhancements of visiTeach+ as a universal image processing software.


Always stay connected

Connectors from FCI...image processing systems from visicontrol are used for quality assurance.

Source: Quality Engineering 4/2012 p. 30ff.

The location matters

Automatic 100% inspection with high part complexity

Source: Quality Engineering 4/2011 p. 44ff.

In various layers

100% inspection with high part complexity with position-dependent lighting control.

Source: QZ 6/2011 p. 46.

3D inspection

Detection of smallest shape deviations at high inspection rates with Shape from Shading.

Source: messtech drives Automation 4/2011 p. 68

Sampling test station for quality control of plastic injection molded parts

Various parts of a key housing from Hübner are subjected to a dimensional and print image check.

Part selection into "good" and "bad" is carried out fully automatically by a shaft diverter.

Source: QZ 6/2010 p. 50

From quality assurance to quality planning

The testing and sorting of parts in the plastics industry develop from quality assurance in the direction of quality planning.

Source: Quality Engineering 5/2010 p. 48 - 50

High degree of automation with frequent parts exchange

To be able to operate successfully in the market, providers of job-order sorting must be able to work efficiently even at small production capacities and frequent retooling. Testing and sorting systems used here must run reliably in continuous mode, be set with low setup times and above all converted quickly and simply to newly emerging part geometries and testing tasks.

Source: Quality Engineering 4/2010 p. 34 - 36

Better than 1 ppm

Continuous improvement also requires the continuous boosting of quality within an already attained ppm range... Starlim/Sterner relies on the expertise and the competence of visicontrol in this field.

Appeared in: Quality Engineering 9/2009 p. 36 et. seq.

Quality assurance at the source

Arburg, a manufacturer of injection molding machines, is relying on image processing from visicontrol to ensure maximum process reliability.

Source: Automaton&Qualität 2/2009 p. 44 et. seq.

Non-stop quality

Sorting system lowers the error rate in precision offcuts in the direction of 0 ppm. In the Baden town of Brühl ThyssenKrupp Materials International as service provider...

Well equipped

DURA Automotive Systems Rotenburg uses the visiSort-T series for the 100% inspection of mass-produced parts.

Source: Quality Engineering 09/2007

Boosted quality

baier & michels meets highest quality requirements with image processing-based measuring and sorting machines...

Source: trade paper DRAHT 6/2006

Optical quality control of mass-produced parts

Only 100% tested C parts ensure trouble-free further processing...

Source: mpa, Verlag b-quadrat, Ausgabe 10-2006

TS motive spring

Spring manufacturer United Springs streamlines MSA-compliant sampling inspections using image processing test rig from visicontrol.

Source: Quality Engineering 09-2005

Turbo for 100% QA

The visiSort-E controls and sorts up to 1200 screws per minute...

More reliable, quicker, more suitable

Manual test rigs based on image processing boost 100% inspection of challenging aluminum cast parts at Ritter Feinguß GmbH.

The use of image processing puts site disadvantages into perspective

Article from VDI-Z 1-2.2004,
VDI-Z, Springer Verlag

Real market gap...

With industrial image processing to full-service QA service provider...

Quality for the upper class

Fischer plants in Waldachtal uses image processing systems in the final inspection of high-grade modules for the automobile industry...

No longer without...

Consistent automation at Fischer GmbH in Sinsheim...