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The solutions from visicontrol are used in a wide variety of industries for automation and quality assurance with industrial image processing. The guarantee for the successful use of visicontrol solutions is the intensive communication and familiarization with the customer's processes and the industry-specific boundary conditions. Thus, not only the current tasks are successfully processed, but above all, further developments are advanced.


The automotive industry and its suppliers place the highest demands on quality and costs. For decades, visicontrol systems have been used wherever the delivery quality of mass-produced parts has to be guaranteed. visicontrol supports its customers in their zero-defect strategy.

Typical inspection tasks are:

    Dimensional inspections in the µm range
    Surface inspection (discoloration, rust, damage)
    Presence check
    Position and location
    Identification (barcode, DMC, QR)
    Topographical defects (scratches, dents, blowholes, scores, chatter marks)

Electronic components

In the electronics industry, visicontrol's vision solutions are used primarily for inspecting components such as connectors, fasteners, fuses, ceramic components and in addition to monitoring assembly lines. The primary tasks are

    Dimensional accuracy
    Position and location
    Surface defects
    Pin tip control
    360° inspection
    and much more

Medical technology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics

Pharmaceutical and medical technology have as a special challenge the absolute reliability and continuous documentation and traceability of the results. Machine vision offers the ideal solution for this due to its person-independent 100% control with traceable inspection criteria.

The main tasks here are:

    Packaging control
    Fill level control
    Contamination control
    Completeness control
    Position and location
    Presence control
    Identification via OCR, DMC, QR, barcode

Technical plastics

In the last years, especially in the field of injection molding, more and more importance is attached to the automated control of parts and assembly monitoring. visicontrol contributes here, in addition to image processing, especially its know-how in automation. The typical questions in this area concern:

    Dimensional accuracy
    Over- and under-injection
    cracks, blowholes
    Burns, discolorations
    Nest recognition (OCR)
    Identification (Barcode, DMC, QR)
    Flow defects
    and much more

Metal processing

Wherever metal parts are produced, visicontrol can be found. Our systems inspect and sort mass-produced parts in machining centers with the highest precision and speed:

    Long turning
    Cold forming

One focus here is on fasteners and sealing elements. In these areas, the following topics are checked in particular:

    Dimensional accuracy
    Position and location
    Surface defects
    Blowholes and pores
    Impacts and grooves
    OCR/Datamatrix code

Special machine construction

Special machine builders and inspection machine builders use specialized systems from visicontrol to solve complex tasks with image processing and other sensor technology. visicontrol supports here as a system supplier with complete solutions or supplies the necessary individual components for integration by the special machine builder.

Food industry

In addition to the inspection of the food itself, the packaging is of central importance for the automation of quality assurance in the food industry. Industrial image processing offers the ideal solution for this due to its person-independent 100% inspection with traceable inspection criteria.

The main tasks here are:

    Packaging inspection
    Position and location
    Identification via OCR
    Best before date (MHD)
    Shape and volume
    Degree of browning