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Hydrogen industry - take off with visicontrol in new technologies

The hydrogen industry is one of visicontrol's future areas. Together with leading manufacturers in the hydrogen industry, we are working on solutions for large-scale production.

Hydrogen technology will become dominant in heavy…

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Electromobility - the dawn of a more sustainable era

More than ever, electromobility stands for the drive of the future. In times of climate crisis and Fridays for future, more and more companies and private individuals are turning to this sustainable form of transportation. Sales figures are…

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Surface inspection with all its varieties is the pinnacle of image processing for inspection and sorting taks. The two videos show surface inspections with incident light and SFS to demonstrate the differences. Throughout the industry visicontrol is renown for its robust and fast surface inspection…

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The low-code vision platform visiTeach+ has been released in version 3.14.

Here is an excerpt from the new features:

  • Logging capabilities have been extended, so that now changes to the program can be tracked better
  • VLXT-650C and LXG-500C cameras are now supported
  • 27 new or extended inspection…
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For 30 years, visicontrol has been a leader in the rapidly evolving test automation market. Our developments have always stretched the limits of what is technically possible. This is also the case with this innovation.

In the past, complex scratch patterns on components had to be detected using…

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The fact that visicontrol has been successfully established on the market for three decades can be attributed to our quality strategy. Our image processing systems run for decades in the industrial environment and thus amortize their investment costs in many cases.

The demands on inspection…

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Exactly 30 years ago, visicontrol started its business operations.

What began as the vision of five highly motivated engineers is now the recipe for success, the aspiration and the motivation of round about 30 colleagues.

Over the decades, visicontrol has developed into an application specialist…

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As is well known, visicontrol has been presenting itself as an innovator in the field of industrial image processing for years. In order to be able to offer the optimal solution for our customers, visicontrol also makes use of external expertise.

In this case, visicontrol integrates high-precision…

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By consistently building up inspection automation know-how, visicontrol has always been ahead of the game when it comes to innovative image processing systems over the past 30 years.

The trend in the world market is moving back towards local supply chains that can sustainably maintain supply chains…

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Due to visicontrol's successful focus on own developments, many innovative inspection methods have been created over the last 29 years.

For shell surface inspection visicontrol has created the Sequencer module. In addition to the surface inspection, recesses, threads and commas chips can also be…

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