New cooperation with Expertise Vision

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visicontrol and Expertise Vision announce their partnership for the distribution of visicontrol machines on the French market. (in the picture left to right: Emmanuel Bassy - CEO Expertise Vision, Stefan Theunissen - Senior Engineer Sales visicontrol, Michel Remy - Senior Engineer Vision Bucci Industries)

The partnership will be effective from April 1st 2023 and will replace the previous partnership with Bucci Industries.

Expertise Vision will become the sole contact for French customers for maintenance, after-sales service and new projects. Nowadays the durability and quality of technical support are key criteria in the choice of a supplier. visicontrol customers are assured of the best service from the French expert in machine vision.

Expertise Vision and visicontrol are both manufacturers of optical inspection and sorting machines. Visicontrol has a wide range of products, including the best-seller glass plate machine visiSort-T, and more specialized machines: slide (visiSort-S), belt (visiSort-B), and stepped (visiSort-G). Customers appreciate visiTeach+ software because of its simplicity and its performance, especially in the field of surface control. Expertise Vision offers different and very innovative machines. Calixta integrates high performance parallel robots and high resolution or 3D cameras for demanding applications. Glidro uses an electro-slider system for great versatility.

This new cooperation is of major interest to customers who will find a much wider range of products from a single supplier and the freedom to choose the product best suited to their needs.

We are both looking forward to working together.