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Integrated vision for robotics

By consistently building up inspection automation know-how, visicontrol has always been ahead of the game when it comes to innovative image processing systems over the past 30 years.

The trend in the world market is moving back towards local supply chains that can sustainably maintain supply chains more independently of global events. The phase of hyperglobalization with massive outsourcing of production capacities seems to be coming to an end. This change is visible in the strong expansion of robotics and automation in Europe. There has never been more automation and robotics in modern production lines.

Visicontrol with its continuously developed image processing software visiTeach+ offers the right basis to successfully combine pick-and-place, bin picking and conveyor tracking with advanced measuring and inspection tasks. The processing of different sensors and signals can be taken over by visiTeach+ and transferred to the master PLC, resulting in an optimal interaction of robot handling and image processing within one system.

With the newly developed variant program, which has been integrated into visiTeach+ as a module, it is now possible to inspect hundreds or even thousands of different variants of an inspection item in a cost-covering manner.

The advantages are obvious

  • multiple proven, flexible image processing system for cross-industry solutions
  • Inspection automation even for small quantities or high numbers of variants
  • control and evaluation within one software -visiTeach+
  • universal input and output protocol
  • interfaces to all common master PLCs
  • output of defect analysis in images and statistics