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Sequencer -Fast and Precise Shell Control-

Due to visicontrol's successful focus on own developments, many innovative inspection methods have been created over the last 29 years.

For shell surface inspection visicontrol has created the Sequencer module. In addition to the surface inspection, recesses, threads and commas chips can also be inspected in a process-safe manner. Where today line scan cameras inspect external surfaces and threads with high effort and costs, visicontrol has developed a much more advanced method using conventional cameras and standard optics.

The method makes it possible to transfer inspection tasks from line scan cameras to matrix cameras without adopting the system-related disadvantages of a line scan camera. In combination with the newly developed MVS-70 image processing system and the innovative LC-70 illumination control system, the system achieves unprecedented precision and speed. With 180 images/sec. and simultaneous evaluation, we achieve maximum speed and precision for surface inspections.

The advantages are obvious

  • reliable detection of surface defects
  • cost-effective due to the use of standard components
  • easy setup of camera and illumination by using matrix cameras
  • tolerant to axis tilting
  • integrated in our image processing software visiTeach+