Hydrogen technology

Hydrogen industry - take off with visicontrol in new technologies

The hydrogen industry is one of visicontrol's future areas. Together with leading manufacturers in the hydrogen industry, we are working on solutions for large-scale production.

Hydrogen technology will become dominant in heavy vehicles (buses, trucks, ships, possibly also aircraft) in the coming years, comparable to the current shift towards electromobility for lighter vehicles. The strategy of the German government and the EU to promote the hydrogen industry clearly indicates that Europe should be the world leader in driving this technology forward.

Thanks to the innovative orientation of the company, visicontrol is already able to offer solutions that cover the entire value-added process from production (electrolysis) to conversion into electricity (fuel cell)

  •     Optical inspection of electrolyte sheets
  •     Non-contact inspection of cathode/anode
  •     High-precision flange inspection of specific pipelines
  •     Optical hydrogen tank inspection inside/outside

The modules in our visiTeach+ image processing software can already detect over 200 defect features with process reliability. Coupled with expertise in bulk material inspection and sorting as well as in-line inspection solutions, visicontrol has a broad portfolio to offer. Since its foundation over 30 years ago, more than 3800 different inspection solutions have been successfully implemented at leading companies worldwide.