Image processing in electromobility

Electromobility - the dawn of a more sustainable era

More than ever, electromobility stands for the drive of the future. In times of climate crisis and Fridays for future, more and more companies and private individuals are turning to this sustainable form of transportation. Sales figures are rising continuously and the industry is gearing up for exponential growth in this area. Some even speak of imminent boom years.... As a progressive and forward-looking company, visicontrol is prepared for the upheaval in the automotive industry and contributes significantly to the paradigm shift with its solutions...

Many of our existing customers have already converted their production to the new technologies and are ramping up their capacities. The high degree of automation of visicontrol's solutions fully supports this strategy. Be it in-line solutions for process control and production quality or end-of-line inspection and sorting machines: visicontrol has the right solution in its portfolio.

  •     Inspection of battery packs (OCR, DMC, barcodes, nest markings etc.)
  •     Inspection and sorting of electric motor components
  •     Inspection of drive components
  •     Monitoring of serial processes during assembly
  •     Inspection and sorting of fasteners

The modules in our visiTeach+ image processing software can already detect over 200 defect features with process reliability. Coupled with expertise in bulk material inspection and sorting as well as in-line inspection solutions, visicontrol has a broad portfolio to offer. To date, more than 3800 different inspection solutions have been successfully implemented at leading companies worldwide, also in the field of electromobility.