Scratch tool - detection of surface scratches at the highest level

For 30 years, visicontrol has been a leader in the rapidly evolving test automation market. Our developments have always stretched the limits of what is technically possible. This is also the case with this innovation.

In the past, complex scratch patterns on components had to be detected using complex detours and still usually only an unsatisfactory solution could be achieved. With the scratch tool, visicontrol has succeeded in developing an intuitive and innovative module with which interrupted scratches can be displayed as a coherent scratch image. What is natural for the human eye and the connected image processing system (brain), has so far looked like different scratch segments for computer-aided evaluations (Fig. 1).

The module makes it possible to combine interrupted scratches or even offset or arc-shaped scratches to form an overall scratch (Fig. 2).

The advantages are obvious

    reliable detection of interrupted or modulated scratches
    reliable detection of arc-shaped defects and scratches
    freely configurable parameters
    as a module integrated in our image processing software visiTeach+